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FTP File Submission


FTP Information

Host: ftp.disdesign.com

Username: disupload

Password: disdis


Please ensure your files meet the specifications outlined below. Files that are not print-ready and subject to

pre-press alterations will incur charges of $60/hour and will delay delivery.



eps, ai, indd, psd, pdf, and tiff files. Do not use jpg images or placed pdfs.

Native files are recomended. CS5 or earlier version files prefered.

All fonts must be converted to outlines and do not flatten your artwork.

We do not accept Quark or Corel files.



Do NOT embed your link files in Illustrator or InDesign, instead please include those linked files with the final job. Allow ample bleed depending on project requirements. Crop files so as to contain only what needs to be printed. Remove all extraneous surrounding image areas. Call for clarification if needed.



Artwork for rasterized files must be 75 to 100 dpi at 100% print size or 300 dpi @ 25%



Artwork must be in CMYK mode, if artwork contains PMS colours, do not convert PMS to CMYK.

We will use the PMS numbers to colour match the output as close as possible.



Please proof read all text before sending artwork and upon receipt of proofs. We are not responsible for

spelling and/or grammar errors.



Please include your company name and brief description in the file name and/or folder you upload.

For example, “Companyname_Banner1.eps”.



Use an FTP program.

There are a few free FTP programs that you can download, we recommend FileZilla,

which is available at https://filezilla-project.org/download.php?type=client for Windows and Mac.


1. Download the appropriate version for

     the operating system that you are running.


2. Enter in the FTP information given above,

     then click on the “quickconnect” button.


3. Place all your files into a single folder and label it

    according to your job name or company name.

    Drag the folder you wish to upload into the

    window indicated. You will see a process bar

    below indicating that your file is being uploaded

    to our FTP. Once the file has been uploaded

    successfully, please inform us.

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